This module contains the default configurations. The pyrs.resource.base.App config will be based on these values.

pyrs.resource.conf.debug = False

You can get more information in response like traceback and args of exception

pyrs.resource.conf.decorate = '_endpoint'

This option will be used for decorators. Usage getattr(func, conf.decorate) = 'localhost'

Default host for the application

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_app = False

Enable/disable injecting the base.App as keyword argument

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_app_name = 'app'

Name used for app injection

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_auth = False

Enable/disable injecting the request.auth as keyword argument

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_auth_name = 'auth'

With this name the auth will be injected

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_body = True

Enable/disable injecting the request body

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_cookies = False

Enable/disable injecting the cookies

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_cookies_name = 'cookies'

With this name the cookies will be injected

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_path = True

Enable/disable injecting the path arguments If a name provided the path arguments will be injected as specified

pyrs.resource.conf.inject_query = True

Enable/disable injecting the query arguments If a name provided the query arguments will be injected as specified